8 okt. 2011

Maori koru logo design for "Koru Ironworks"


Last week I received an e-mail from Mark, the owner of the British company "Koru Ironworks" in Bedfordshire. He makes really nice railings, gates and other fences. He asked me if I could design a business logo for him with the New-Zealand Koru or Fern symbol. Mark is a Kiwi, so he wanted something with a Maori influence.

The colors that he wanted me to use were black and grey for the font/lettering and green for the koru logo.
The shape of the logo should be quite basic, no gradients and not too detailed, because it has to be printed on clothing and business cards.

Here are 3 sketches that drew with pencil and the lettering and composition is added in Photoshop. The lines are not really sharp and crisp, but the final design is made in Adobe Illustrator, so the vector logo can be scaled without losing any detail.

The last logo is my favourite, but I just sent the design to my customer, so I will keep you updated on this project.

Kind regards, Mark

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