28 sep. 2011

Making a hazel flatbow with tribal tattoo design


A few weeks ago I found some really nice movies and blogs on how to create your own flatbow from a piece of hazel. The idea was to make a bow with a low draw weight for my son, so he could play around with it.

Here's a really inspiring blog:

Dels bowyer's Diary

So I went out into the woods and harvested a few pieces of hazel:

First I debarked it with a drawknife and let it dry for a few weeks.

Then I cut it to the a size around 50 inch. After some cutting and using the drawknife alot, the bow was ready to be sanded and then the fun part, adding a maori inspired tribal tattoo with a black marker.
Some nocks were added from a darker wood and I cut out some grooves for the string.

The final piece looks like this:

Hope you enjoyed it and I'll get back soon with some other tattoo inspired products/projects.

Kind regards, Mark

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